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At Splendid Interiors, our philosophy is to provide premium interior design services without charging a premium price. Our designers will work with you on a personal level and help you make your vision for your room, home, or office a reality!

Splendid Interiors has been in the business of decorating homes and offices since 2002. After decorating homes for many satisfied clients in the Houston area, we decided to extend our services internationally by designing homes for selected clients all over the globe using the Internet. Just through email communication and photographs, we have been able to create beautiful interiors for our clients without ever setting foot in their homes!

And now we are pleased to extend our interior design service to you through our exciting new website! Our unique service allows you to consult with our skilled designers one-on-one from the comfort of your own home, no matter what part of the country, or even the globe you call home! Whether you want to beautify one room, your whole house, get decorating ideas, tweak an existing design, or start from scratch, our designers will be happy to see you through your entire project, from start to finish.

We also offer many styles of furniture and accessories that are made to accommodate each and every one of our clients. Our interior designers will not only help you come up with a theme for your house and or rooms, but they will also be able to supply you with furniture and accessories at amazing prices. We will work with you to pick out the right furnishings, and at the same time we will make sure all the shipping and delivery is done orderly and on-time!


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