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Traditionally, you are limited to hiring an expensive interior designer who is on a tight schedule and charges for every little thing they do. Here at Splendid Interiors we are cutting out the overhead costs and bringing the highest quality of interior design straight to your home at a fraction of the cost! If you are unsure about something use the FREE consultation above to clear any issues you may have before using our full service. If you are ready to go please select the number of rooms you wish to redecorate, redesign or reorganize and then follow the below steps. We promise you will not regret choosing Splendid Interiors as your interior design expert! If you feel you need a more custom job, please feel free to email us and we can create a personal package just for you!

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Step One:

Sign up below using Google Checkout.

Step Two:

Once you have paid, please email us all the pictures and questions you have of the rooms paid for to:

Step Three:

You will receive a detailed evaluation to all of your questions and or concerns within a certain time frame (usually 2-3 business days per room). From there we can discuss any furniture and or accessory needs either by email or phone if need be.

Splendid Interiors focuses on room design, where we will help you pick a theme and build upon that, or if you want to keep what you already have we can give you ideas on how to beautify your room in a couple easy steps. But we are not limited to room design, so give us a call because we can also help you with your office, store or any other place where you would need decorating help.

Our designers are able to get furnishings at very affordable prices, and we want to pass the savings on to you! All of their suggestions will be made to satisfy your needs and personality based on the feedback they receive from the consultation. If you decide to buy furniture and or accessories from one of our designers totaling $1,500 or more, your consultation payments will be deducted from your purchase!*

*Consultation payments of up to $300 will be deducted from product purchases over $1,500.

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