Below are a few of our customers that have shared their various interior design experiences with Splendid Interiors. A lot of these clients posed unique interior design situations, and Splendid Interiors went above and beyond to accommodate their needs. Some of these testimonials are from clients we’ve helped locally near Houston, TX and some are from those who have used our online interior design services from around the globe!

  • "We were offered so many different ideas at the beginning and all throughout the designing process Splendid Interiors took our opinions and incorporated them into the design. We felt like she allowed us to put our own perspective into the design of our home. Overall a wonderful experience, in fact I just referred her to a friend the other day!" - Amal
  • "Thank you so much! The designer was spot on with her comments and I really appreciate that it was very usable advise. I have made some of the changes, and am on the lookout for cushions as suggested as well new lamps/lampshades. I would definitely recommend you to others or use your service again :)" - Cecilie
  • "We had a 2 and half story high window in our living room, and we didn\'t know how to make it match with the rest of the house. Splendid Interiors was able to create custom drapery that fit elegantly with the design of our home. What used to be an awkward spot in the house was now the most beautiful." - Lynn
  • "Since we were in a totally different country, Splendid Interiors was still able to completely furnish and design our home all through the Internet. We supplied them with the floor plans, and through a simple exchange of emails and phone calls we were able to agree on everything. Within a couple of months our home was ready, and it surpassed our expectations greatly." - Jasmine
  • "The service was excellent, everything was done professionally and on-time. With Splendid Interiors we got a very unique design for our home, and best of all we got exactly what we were promised, no surprises." - Selma
  • "Five years after the redesign of our house, we are still very happy with the outcome. Splendid Interiors did an outstanding job during the process and they offered us so many artistic ideas at the time. The dedication they showed to me as a customer was incredible." - Patoul

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